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Renting Apartment in Dubai | What you should know

Things to Know| Renting Apartment in Dubai

Finding an apartment to rent in Dubai is one of the most important decisions. It will have a great impact on your financial status for the whole year since rent in Dubai is paid in advance and takes a huge amount out of your year’s pay.

Through this list, Greenhouse gives you the lowdown on what to do before and after finding your prospective apartment in Dubai and how to resolve or avoid issues that come along with it.

AWARENESS is the key

Landlords and tenants must familiarize themselves with laws covering property renting in Dubai to know their responsibilities and rights.

Rules, Contracts, and Laws!

Make sure to read Law No (26) of 2007 and Law No (33) of 2008. Both regulate the relationship between tenants and landlords. Landlords can’t increase your rent on a whim according to Decree No (43) of 2013. If he does so, you can file a case on with the Rent Committee.

Most important, make sure brokers or real estate agents you are dealing with must be registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) within the Dubai Land Department. If your agent cannot show you his RERA verified Broker ID card before the transaction, find someone else who is RERA registered.

Lease Contracts must be registered with Ejari. Registering with Ejari gives you a legalized tenancy contract, the ability to safeguard your rights and to fully audit transactions when disputes arise.

Security deposits should be stated both in your tenancy contract and Ejari. It is refundable at the time of leaving the property which is usually equivalent to four weeks’ rent.

You may be evicted after your contract expires, but only if the owner needs to make comprehensive maintenance which makes it impossible for you to stay there, if the owner wants to sell or demolish the property, or if the owner or his relatives need to live there. Note that all these require a notice from a notary public or registered post 12 months in advance. According to RERA, all evictions must need to have a reason by law.

Vacate the property in its original condition. Tenants have no right to renovate or alter the property unless the landlord or owner agrees. For your own protection, document how the apartment looked like before moving in so you have a reference when you move out.

Know your right. Many tenants simply move out when their landlords ask for an unjust increase in rent. If your landlord did not give a 90-day advance notice, then he is not entitled to one. Also, before moving to another apartment in Dubai, consider the expense of the whole process and compare it with the demanded increase to see which the better option is.

ZONES or areas that fall under the Rent Committee and the Rent Increase law include the whole Emirate, even free zones. But it does not cover the Dubai International Financial Centre because it has its own laws and courts.

Sharing Villa or Apartment in Dubai

Families cannot share a villa or apartment in Dubai. Overcrowding is also prohibited. According to regulatory agency Trakhees, that supervises freehold properties like International City, only one person per 200 square feet is allowed to occupy an apartment in Dubai — or a maximum of three tenants per studio, five per one-bedroom flat and seven person in a two-bedroom apartment.

Rental Increase

Increase in rent must follow the Rent Index set by RERA, which is updated quarterly. If your rent is up to 10 percent less than the average rental value of similar apartment in Dubai, then your landlord cannot increase your rent. If your rent is 10 to 20 percent less than the average rent of similar property in the same area, the landlord can increase your rent by five percent.

KEEP records of all your transactions. Verbally made agreements are not accepted as evidence in court in case of any disputes.

Online Services

Online services are available on and For example, you can register your tenancy contract through Ejari online system. Just follow the eight-step full e-service process to get your final tenancy contract. Make sure you already have soft copies of required documents on hand. Payment is done online as well.

Required Documents

TENANTS need to have a valid residence visa before signing a lease contract. If it is still being processed, they must obtain a reference letter from their company. The tenant also has to carry out an application for tenancy, provide copies of his Emirates ID and passport, plus the cheques for the rent payment. Salary certificates are not a requirement according to Mohammad Khalifa Bin Hammad, senior manager at RERA.

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