Brokers no longer allowed to sign rental contracts

Brokers no longer allowed to sign rental contracts

Dubai: Brokers legally appointed to manage property of landlords based abroad are no longer allowed to sign unified lease contracts to get an Ejari, leaving some tenants in the lurch, Gulf News has learnt.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) in March launched the unified lease contract for rental properties in Dubai to create a transparent and professional real estate market with measurable standards.

The new form aims to regulate relationships between all parties involved in real estate transactions in order to guarantee their rights, the DLD said in March.

The signatures of the lessor and the tenant, along with two witnesses, are required for the new contract.

Previously, if the property owner is based abroad, he or she may appoint a legal representative through a power of attorney (POA) to manage his or properties here. But the DLD is no longer honouring all POAs.


Credits: Gulf News

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