Dubai International City

Dubai International City

Living in Dubai is like a dream come true, due to its cosmopolitan environment, hottest tourist destinations, tax-free income, lower crime rate, employment and business growth opportunities, and most attractive real estate property market.

International City is one of the best developments in Dubai, which is destined to become the cultural and business hub of the Middle East and surrounding regions. This unique development boasts divergent cultures and nationalities making Dubai modern and cosmopolitan.

Spread over a massive 800-hectare plot, International City offers an extensive range of business activities, retail opportunities and tourist attractions that goes hand-in-hand with the residential features. Designed with a vision to cater affordable yet stylish living accommodation to more than 60 thousand people, International City prides to be successful in fulfilling the dreams of many to own a home in Dubai.

Prime Location

International City is conveniently located in the Al Warsan region of Dubai, along with the Dubai-Hatta road and between Interchange 5 and 6 of Emirates Road, opposite to the Dubai Central Fruit and Vegetable Market. It is located 9 kilometers from the Dubai International Airport, which is around a 15-20 minute drive from the center of the city.

Dubai International City Properties

Dubai International City offers affordable living in a prosperous residential district. With more than 22,000 residences, including spacious studios and one-bedroom apartments, spread over ten distinctly themed districts, residents can enjoy a range of sports facilities, water features and extensive communal green spaces, together with dynamic community infrastructure.

The unique development also comprises over 5,000 commercial and retail units, offering a range community services and stores, from cozy cafés and restaurants to conveniently located laundries, spas, supermarkets and offices. International City is ideally situated to easily access all areas of Dubai, making it a splendid oasis that is perfect for living and business. It comprise of 6 key areas, including Dubai Design Centre, The Central District, The Dragon Mart, Lakes District, The Residential District, and the Forbidden City.

Dubai Design Centre (Dubai Gates)

Dubai Design Center commonly known as Dubai Gates is an exclusive area for temporary and permanent exhibitions and it occupies three sides of the Internet City. It also contains two hotels with 3 to 4 hundred rooms each, to accommodate visitors and exhibitors alike.

The Central District

The Central District spread over 21 hectares and comprises of 34 plots, act as the nerve center of International City and also home of many wholesalers, retailers and corporate offices. Designed to provide modern business facilities for retailers and wholesalers along with highest infrastructure and high level of security, this district provides enormous space for wholesalers to establish their businesses.

The Dragon Mart

The Dragon Mart is a large trade mall spreads across 50 hectares, designed in the shape of a colorful dragon, with a 1.4 kilometers (0.85 miles) long Central Spine. The dragon’s head serves as the main entrance, which is accessible from the Dubai-Hatta road. With two thousand parking spaces, it serves as a commercial center for more than three thousand Chinese companies. In addition to this, it comprises various shopping areas, showrooms, and restaurants that makes it a suitable place for tourists also.

Lakes District & Public Park (The Lakeside)

The Lakes District comprise of 100 hectares of lush green landscape that borders a serene lake. It contains 24-26 buildings with a total of 1375 apartments, which consists of duplex apartments (2 and 3 bedrooms) from 150 to 170 square meters each. Along with small retail outlets, restaurants and boating facilities on still water. The Lake District is very suitable for residents and tourists to spend fun and entertainment activities.

The Residential District

The Residential District is spread over 300 hectares of land, featuring 2,100 studio apartments (44.5 square meters) and one bedroom apartments (66.5 square meters). These freehold apartments feature unique architectural styles of Emirates, Italy, Spain, Persia, Greece, Morocco, China, Indonesia, Russia, England, France and Thailand divided into large and medium-sized neighborhoods. Moreover, facilities include medical centers, police station, post office, shops, restaurants and transportation services

Forbidden City

Forbidden City is a replica of the biggest and best-preserved cluster of ancient buildings in Beijing China and spread over 240 thousand square meters. It accommodates authentic residential and retail outlets set amidst awe-inspiring gardens, Chinese restaurants, museums and performance courts with huge parking areas.

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