Dubai’s mid-budget housing: The best returns for your investment

Dubai’s mid-budget housing: The best returns for your investment

While Dubai has been consistently making headlines for luxury real estate and extravagant commercial projects, historically, one important segment affordable or mid-budget housing has been neglected. And that’s surprising because 65 per cent of Dubai residents fall into this category; yet, there continues to be an oversupply in the luxury market. We all know, that when inventory is high and prices are consistent, there are no stand-out opportunities for investors in that segment. Using the basic principles of supply and demand, it’s easy to see that when it comes to “the next big thing” for investors in Dubai, we’re actually talking about new apartments for the average family.

In addition to that, mid-budget properties offer greater returns!

To ensure maximum success in the current real estate market, be sure to avoid common mistakes. First, remember that the primary objective is to buy low and sell high. To achieve this in Dubai, you should purchase property at the early stages of development. If you get in the game too late, you won’t see much of a profit margin. Avoid getting distracted by advertisements and branding, which often leads to buying overpriced properties from well-advertised developers. Distressed property offers should also raise a red flag because it likely means that the original investor has already lost money on the deal. Consider offers of all kinds, even if the developer is unfamiliar to you. Check out the project, compare prices, and see what’s available for your budget.

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