Dubai’s The World Islands


The World Islands, an exclusive development by prime property developer Nakheel-that gives your investment dream the room to become true. A collection of man-made 300 private islands in the shape of continents of the world located just off the coast of Dubai, offering the ultimate in exclusivity and privacy.

These wonderful islands are divided into four categories – private homes, estate homes, community islands and dream resorts.

Each island will range from 23,226 to 83,613 square meters in size, with 164 to 328 feet of water between each island. The total area of world Islands will cover a total area of 9 kilometers (5.4 miles) in length and 6 kilometers (3.6 miles) in width, surrounded by an oval shaped breakwater. The only means of transportation between the islands will be by air transport or marine.

The World Islands will be sold to selected private developers and are expected to be priced between US $7 M. – US $1.8 B. Many famous personalities and businessmen’s have purchased property in World Islands including Richard Branson, Hillary Swank, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


Here on your own private island, life is very different. Enjoy the soothing sound of the Arabian Gulf from your home. Live your dream by designing an intimate single family home with a stunning swimming pool or a volleyball court. Surround yourself with beautiful Japanese garden or enjoy the serenity of tropical foliage. The World is precisely a place where you can architect your every single desire.


Allot an island to a development of private estate homes for residents visiting on weekends or yearly. Architect one style of luxury home or a mixture of international design themes – whatever you decide, the location is unrivaled.


Create a private island of neighbors where families can escape to a community designed and built just for them, or couples to exquisite island apartments where they can reconnect and recharge. Imagine a community where no one is a stranger, and the focus is on two things: relaxation and enjoyment.


Deliver the ultimate resort experience on The World Islands. Make it relaxing, exhilarating, exotic and memorable.  Resorts located in Dubai’s iconic World Islands development; will open its doors to the public with stunning beaches, swimming pools, Beach Volleyball courts, Beach club Houses and Dubai’s hottest dining hotspots, The Islands will accommodates all comers.

How to buy property in The World Islands Dubai?

The World is an exclusive invitation for investors to dream bigger than they ever thought possible. This opportunity has created a tremendous response, so the property developer Nakheel will require details about your investment intentions and company to ensure The World is a balanced mix of private investment and commercial developments. Only selected investors will be considered for this unique and limited opportunity.

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