Falconcity of Wonders

An Amazing Tourist Destination, Residential and Commercial Project-Falconcity of Wonders

Falconcity of Wonders is a unique and fascinating project both in terms of its magnificent infrastructure and grandeur. Occupying over 40,000,000 square feet area, FCW hosts the replica of seven wonders of the world, commercial centers, family centers, a signature theme park, educational institutes, sports facilities, in addition to more than 5,500 multifaceted residential units that vary in design, size and location, to satisfy the requirements and needs of both, investors and end users.

Why choose Falconcity of Wonders:

Falcon City of Wonders, a mega real estate project, is a 100 acre development being built within Dubailand. The US$ 1.5 billion (AED 5.5 billion) project will be a multi-faceted residential, recreational, entertainment and tourist destination that will contain residential villas, apartments, shopping malls, schools, hotels, restaurants, spas, health clubs and parks.

Falcon City of Wonders is a unique tourist attraction, as it will capture the spirit of ancient civilizations and contain architectural marvels of the world, combined with modern facilities. It’s a city shaped like a falcon and contain ample-size replicas of Seven Wonders of the World – including the Great Pyramid in Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Lighthouse at Alexandria and the Great Wall of China.

FCW brought the wonders of the world in one place, building the pyramids bigger than the original sizes which contain residential apartments, office spaces and retail outlets. Taj Mahal will be bigger than the original comprising chain of hotels and restaurants. The Eiffel Tower will be higher than the actual, mainly featuring luxury apartments and retail outlets. The Babylonian Gardens will comprise super luxury apartments, coffee shops and restaurants. The Light House of Alexandria will consist of retail outlets and hotels, while the Great Wall of China will surround the Pharaohs Theme Park located within the city. The residential villas (The Villas) constitute the wings of the falcon and come as townhouse, detached, semi-detached villas.

For the Investors:

Being part of Dubailand, Falconcity enjoys benefit from all promotional support and marketing activities carried out by Dubai government to promote investment in Dubai in general and particularly in Dubailand. In addition to that, the ROI and the IRR calculations made by highly reliable financial international firms, show excellent rates for all the residential and commercial properties of the Falconcity project.

For the villas:

Falconcity  have four distinguished designs, including the Aegean theme from countries surrounding the Aegean Sea, the Andalusia theme from the romantic days of Andalusia, the New World theme from New Hampshire and the beautiful country side of England, and the Santa Fe theme from Southern California and Mexico. This dream city’s unique style and diversity allows residents to find the design that matches his/her taste, it is where everybody would like to live.

For the Residents and the End Users:

Falconcity is the perfect place for families to live in, in terms of marvelous engineering and sophistication. FCW offers luxury apartments, state of the art villas, semidetached villas and townhouses that vary in size and design to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. A mesmerizing view of Seven Wonders of the World, every resident can enjoy from their living place that does not exist in any other place in the world.  Where else in the world you can see the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, the Light House of Alexandria and The Leaning tower of Pisa in the same place. In addition to all that, Falconcity is an integrated city where schools, nurseries, clinics, family centers, shopping centers, sports clubs, jogging tracks, bicycling pathways are available to serve the residents.

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