Jebel Ali District


Jebel Ali| World’s Largest Man-made Port

Jebel Ali is the world’s largest man-made harbor and Middle East’s biggest port town, located 35 kilometers southwest of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) allows the international companies to enjoy the special privileges of the free zone, being home for 5,500 companies of 120 countries across the globe.

This area is also known to possess fastest growing expatriate community that executes accommodation needs of foreign workers. It is a well-developed district, showing continuous bloom in industrial and residential sectors. In addition, Emirates government and leading real estate developers also concentrate to boost travel and tourism industry in this area. In order to achieve their goals and to attract tourists and drag people to stay here, government and developers work together to build luxurious resorts, fun places and residential properties. Unlike other districts, this area is famous to comprise numerous residential and industrial landmarks like Trellis District, Medina District and world’s largest manmade harbor extending on the area over 100 square kilometers. Jebel Ali district is a city in itself and considered as one of the strategically significant regions of this city.

Free Zone Commercial Area

This largest man-made port has the capacity to supervise all cargo shipments coming to or going out of the city. Besides this port, Jebel Ali Free Zone has open new doors for international and regional industrialist as businessmen don’t need to pay any taxes whatever business they are running in this area. Moreover, Al Maktoum International Airport (an international airport Dubai World Central Airport) also improves traveling and cargo services in this district. It can be considered as world’s largest hub for passengers and cargo.

A Fun Place

Jebel Ali District is also known to have numerous fun places to attract holidaymakers and tourists. Tourists and visitors can enjoy various entertainment and fun activities that range from water sports like paragliding and water skiing. Besides water sporting facilities, visitors can also enjoy horse riding and shooting. Many tourists prefer to enjoy water sports in this district over Jumeriah Beach just because of its perfect location.

In addition to possessing best accommodation and industrial facilities, this area has also buildup various luxury resorts and hotels to provide luxurious and comfortable living for people visiting this place. These resorts provide highly comfortable living with huge variety of luxury facilities. Jebel Ali Resort and Spa is one the renowned resorts of this district. Tourists can enjoy riding horses, shooting, golf, diving, and seaplane flight, jet skiing, surfing and fishing.

Main Areas of Jebel Ali

Two main areas of Jebel Ali District are Downtown Jebel Ali and Jebel Ali. This district was specifically renowned for its huge port, but today it has become a favorite place to live for long and short stay in city. Whereas, Jebel Ali Downtown area is expected to become the heart of New Dubai and stretch around 11 kilometers on Sheikh Zayed Road between the Dubai Waterfront ,Techno Park and Jebel Ali Free Zone. This area also serves as a gateway to Al Maktoum International Airport and other real estate developments in its surroundings. This district is further subdivided in to three parts:

Urban Center housed unique modern towers, number of entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants.

Trellis District is recognized as a hub for commercial and social activities, It has a unique network trellises projecting from buildings that successfully maintained as pedestrian-friendly environment.

Medina District typically offers very relax and comfortable living in beautifully designed mid to low-rise residential buildings with small courtyards.

To sum it up, Jebel Ali district provides several options for residents, businessmen and international organizations, it can be the best place to live and establish business here. Jebel Ali District has also become famous for its water sports and other fun activities. So don’t miss your chance to enjoy luxurious living during your trip. Contact Greenhouse Real Estate now to buy property in Dubai, we have the widest range of residential and commercial properties available for sale and rent across Dubai.

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