Legal tenant rights and responsibilities in the UAE

Legal tenant rights and responsibilities in the UAE

Landlord cannot withhold your security deposit

The security deposit is given to the landlord to deal with deliberate damages made by the tenant, and has to be returned if no damages are found.

In case of breach of contract by tenant, parties should reach an amicable settlement on remaining period of contract while security deposit has to be returned to tenant, unless deliberate damage by tenant can be proved.

Tenant wishing to break contract prematurely

As a contract between two parties, the tenancy cannot be broken before end of term by either party without substantial compensation. However, this is something tenants should look at, during the time of writing up the contract.

Make sure you enter an exit clause (in case of unforeseen circumstances such as loss of employment) so you can break the contract with some notice or minor compensation.

If the tenancy contract has no exit clause, the tenant should ideally settle the issues amicably with the landlord. The landlord cannot keep the security deposit unless deliberate damage to property by the tenant can be proven.



New Landlord

According to Article 28 of Dubai’s property law amended in 2007, transfer of ownership of the building does not affect tenancy contracts. The tenant can continue with the terms of the contract and occupy the house as per all agreed-upon rights until the date specified for contract expiry.



Cutting off services

Under no circumstances is the landlord allowed to cut services or amenities to the tenant’s rental property. In case this happens, the tenant can complain at the police station in the area and can also claim compensation for damages resulting from such cuts through the Judicial Committee created for dealing with tenancy disputes.


Disclaimer: This is just a guideline and should only be taken as such. Greenhouse is not responsible for any changes to or misinterpretations of the law governing property or rental contracts. Contact concerned ministerial departments for all your queries. 


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