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Property for sale in Dubai |How to get Best price

Things to consider when listing your Property for sale in Dubai

When you list your Property for sale in Dubai, there are many things you should to consider to get the best price. For many people, sticking a “House For Sale” sign in your yard won’t do it. Dubai’s Real Estate is a dynamic market, with prices constantly changing. So working with the right real estate agent who can gauge and market your Property for sale in Dubai is highly essential.


Here are 5 important things to consider while listing your residential Property for sale in Dubai.


1.      Highlight your Property for sale in Dubai

Look at your property from the point of view of a prospective buyer. Ask your real estate agent about staging your home before it sells. Give it a fresh look, paint it, depersonalize the space or rearrange the furniture. Also have the property inspected by agent before placing it on the Dubai Real estate market.


2.      Pricing it right

When pricing your home carefully pick the right price tag. Look at similar Property for sale in Dubai in the same neighborhood over the past six months. Pricing your property appropriately is key to getting it sold immediately. Overpricing the property and then dropping the price for several times usually leads to a much lower price than what you hope t to sell it for. Most importantly, do not base the price on what you have paid for your property, or your remaining mortgage payments or the profit you need to make to buy a new house.


3.      Hire an experienced agent

Your Property for sale in Dubai shouldn’t be some agent’s “learning” experience. Always work with an experienced real estate firm or real estate agent who is RERA registered and has a successful sales record and also has the knowledge required giving you the most leverage in the market. Greenhouse Real Estate is an experienced and professional Real Estate firm registered by RERA.


4.      Effectively market your Property for sale in Dubai

Marketing of your Property for sale Dubai will have a deep impact on final sale price, so first discuss your marketing plan in detail with your real estate agent. Simply sticking a “House For Sale” sign and running an ad in the papers for your open house may not do it. From printing materials such as flyers that buyers can take home to featuring your listing on numerous real estate websites such as ours and posting house photographs and online virtual tours,  Greenhouse agents will give your residential Property for sale in Dubai the leverage it needs to stand out.


5.      Know the procedures

You should know the whole process of selling a Property in Dubai, first a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed and a 10% deposit is paid. The parties then meet with the property developer to apply for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to sell the property. The NOC is issued against payment of a fee once the developer knows that all service charges have been settled in full. Once the NOC is issued, the parties will be able to go to Dubai Land Department (DLD) to officially transfer ownership. Here, the purchase price has to be paid in the form of a manager’s cheque payable to the seller on the transfer date. Then, a new title deed will be issued in the buyer’s name. If the buyer is purchasing Property for sale Dubai with the help of a mortgage, then the bank will need to be involved. If the seller has a mortgage on the residential Property for sale in Dubai, the buyer will need to settle the seller’s mortgage in full prior to applying for the NOC.


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