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Five Fringe Benefits of Solo Renting

Sharing apartment in Dubai is very common, there are many benefits of renting such apartments but also have few drawbacks. A roommate can surely help in sharing home expenses like water and electricity bills; however living alone in your own space offers privacy and freedom to live your life without any disturbance.

If you’re thinking whether you’re ready to live solo at your own space, then check out these five benefits of solo renting:

1.     You have control over your utility bills

No more fighting over the AC cooling, laundry, or shower time limits. Keep the temperature set at your ideal 16 degrees while streaming your favorite shows, wash your clothes whenever you like and take shower or bubble bath as much as you want.

When you live alone, controlling your billing statements is in your hands as you can save a lot by setting some limitations like keeping the extra lighting off.

2.     Those passive aggressive days are over

Figuring out how to share home chaos- is isn’t always easy. A pile of dishes in the sink waiting to be washed, dirty washrooms, or loud music – you can say goodbye to these horrible days.

Having your own space allows you to live independently; you can keep your house like whatever you want. Especially for those who like to relax after a busy day at office, renting solo is a good option for them.

3.     Your home- your style

Every roommate applying his/her decorating ideas into one home can result as a disaster. Sure, it’s a normal thing to deal with a roommate’s vintage golden lamps, plaid couch, animal-print rug, and the floral wallpapers you got stuck with.

But once you rent an apartment on your own, you can choose or plan the décor in your way.

4.     Give your creativity and productivity a boost

Being alone gives you enough time to think, be creative and increase productivity, as you no longer have disturbing roommates taking you away from your laptop for movie night or football match in the living room.

5.     Budgeting is even more easier

You may pay more money in rent, but you can keep costs lower by well-planning. Try negotiating with your potential landlord for a lower monthly rent, and look for an apartment with extra amenities included, for example an on-site gym, swimming pool, a covered parking spot, cable or Internet, and close proximity to public transport. Not paying extra money for these benefits will make a lot of difference to your monthly expenses.

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