Ten top tips for buying a Villa in Dubai

Looking for a Villa in Dubai? Consider these 10 tips!

Dubai not only offers a plethora of options in all aspects of life, also it is truly the finest place to enjoy comfortable living experience.

There are plenty of options of accommodation in Dubai but living in villa community is definitely a preference, offering spacious space, comfort and privacy. Although, once you make up your mind to buy a Villa in Dubai, it is easy to get lost in the horde of factors that must be considered.

One of the UAE’s leading property dealers, Greenhouse Real Estate, outlines 10 important factors to consider when buying a Villa in Dubai.

1.     Location and Neighborhood

Consider the proximity of public transportation such as the Dubai Metro. Perhaps a cab station is in walking distance?

If you have children, research the closest schools and nurseries.  Locate the closest pharmacy, clinic, supermarket, shopping center, petrol station and all other amenities that you will require. Usually a villa community has its own retail centre having a huge range of outlets.

You may find many communities offering Villa in Dubai including The Springs, Arabian Ranches, The Meadows, The Villa, The Greens and The Lakes.

Study the neighborhood: age distribution and income levels. If it’s an off-plan development, the reputation of the developer, the quality of construction and property prices should give you a considerable idea.

2.     Credentials of the Developer

Check the quality of the developers’ previous projects. Do they meet or surpass what they have promised? What is their track record for after-sale care and maintenance?

A premier property developer won’t just sell you a villa; they’ll cater to all your needs and ensure you that the decision you have made is best. When buying a Villa in Dubai, first do some research; attain referrals for renowned developers with high quality projects. Some of the leading developers in Dubai are Emaar, Nakheel, Tameer, Damac, and Dubai Properties.

3.     Quality of property/construction

What sets apart a prime property developer from others is the quality of the property offered. While some properties come as shell and core units, others, for the same price per square foot, offer marble flooring, wall fittings, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, smart home systems and a lot more, with the developers absorbing extra costs for your benefit.

4.     Size

Most people when looking for a house do not factor in the long term and how demands might change. Always look for a property with all en-suite bedrooms (minimum of three or four bedrooms). Spacious townhouses and Villa in Dubai contribute to a more comfortable family living.

5.     View

Although the view may not seem as most important, a view of fresh stream of flowing water and refreshing greenery or stunning skyline of the city adds some sparks and relaxation to one’s daily routine and melts the stress away.

6.     Service charges

Keep in mind that certain reoccurring monthly or yearly expenses including electricity and service charges, will take place for maintaining the community. Villas service charges are usually much lower on a per square foot basis than apartments. So set some cash aside for these minor expenses.

7.     Maintenance standards

When buying the right house, ensure that the villa community uses a reputable maintenance agency. Find out about their availability and clean services provided; how often and well are community areas cleaned?

More importantly, ensure that your safety is a priority – find out if smart home technology is offered in townhouses and villas, and what security systems are there.

8.     Amenities Available

Is the community self-contained? Does the community offer basic amenities? Get a thorough understanding of all amenities available. Are children’s playgrounds available? Is it a safely guarded gated community for children to play in? Is there a shared swimming pool and gym?

These are just some amenities to consider when buying a Villa in Dubai, your list of desired amenities depends on what factors are important to you and your family.

9.     Garden Space

If you have young kids, you do not want them to hooked up in a room. Garden spaces or lush landscaping allow children to run about in the fresh air and be close to nature. As for you, what is a more enjoyable than to spend a weekend lazing in the tranquility of your own garden?

10.   Re-sale value

You may make different decisions in the future such as taking on a new job in another city or country or shifting elsewhere – a newer location, a home with more bedrooms.

You may not wish to keep your property due to requiring finances to make the change, so upon purchase of a property it would be wise to consider what the re-sale value would be after a specific time period.

Looking for a Villa in Dubai?

Greenhouse Real Estate is one of the renowned property dealers in the UAE. We have the widest range of Villa in Dubai for sale and rent. From two bedrooms Villas to luxurious eight bedrooms Villas with swimming pools or lush green garden, we have the perfect villa for you. Contact us now for more details!

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