Why Hire Real Estate Agent?

3 Most Compelling Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent


The generation of real estate services that help in buying or selling home is relatively recent, and it is proven that using a real estate agent has many benefits. While doing the work by yourself can save you some commission rates of real estate agent, but for many, finding home alone may not be the way to go–and in the long run it could end up being more costly than a realtor’s commission. Selling or buying a home is a major financial undertaking. Find out why you should consider hiring a real estate agent while dealing with properties:

1.     Better Access thus More Convenience

A real estate agent acts as a liaison between the buyers and sellers. In fact, he or she will have complete access to all other properties listed by other agents in the area.  Real estate agents have great knowledge and excel over getting a deal done faster and easily. For example, if you are looking to buy a home in Dubai or in some other emirate, a real estate agent will track down all the home listings available in Dubai that meet your criteria, keep in contact with sellers’ agents and make appropriate appointments for you to view the listed homes. If you want to buy home on your own then you will have to make calls and set appointments by yourself. This may be difficult because it takes a lot of efforts and time especially when you’re buying homes that are for sale by the owner.

Similarly, if you’re looking to sell home by yourself, you will have to answer all the calls from interested parties or their agents, provide details, make appointments, and show the property and bargain by your own. Keep in mind that if you are busy somewhere or don’t respond quickly then potential buyers will move on, or else you have to leave everything and rush to your home after making an appointment.

2.     Expert in Negotiating

Many people feel that dealing directly with the buyer or seller makes the deal more transparent and negotiable for both parties. This is probably true but in many cases this isn’t always an easy negotiating relationship.

What if you like a home in Dubai that meets all your requirements but despise of its shag carpet, wood-paneled walls, and lurid red kitchen? Here if you are dealing with an agent, he can express your contempt for the home decoration and declaim about how much it’ll cost to upgrade the home. Your real estate agent can convey your concerns and also negotiate a discount in a good manner without insulting home owner.

The role of the agent is equally important for home seller; he/she can help by speaking for you in stiff transactions, smoothing things and represent your interests without turning off buyers who want to negotiate about the price.


3.     Handling Contracts Professionally

Handling contracts is tricky, whether you buy or sell a home, purchasing contract protects you and ensure that you are capable to cancel the deal if conditions aren’t met accordingly. For example, if you decide to buy a home with mortgage but you unfortunately fail to get mortgage approval– you can lose your home deposit and the seller could even sue you for failing to fulfill the contract.

An expertise real estate agent regularly deals with the contracts and conditions, and is perceptive with what conditions should be used according to each case and how to use the conditions in contract to protect you when you’re selling or buying a home.

The Bottom Line

While there are many people who are able to sell their own homes, but taking out so much time, dealing and negotiating with parties, and handling paper works isn’t an easy process.  In fact, buying or selling home with the help of a real estate agent is the fastest and easiest way.

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